A galvanic anode is the main component of a galvanic cathodic protection (CP) system used to protect buried or submerged metal structures from corrosion.

They are made from a metal alloy with a more "active" voltage (more negative reduction potential / more positive electrochemical potential) than the metal of the structure. The difference in potential between the two metals means that the galvanic anode corrodes, so that the anode material is consumed in preference to the structure.

The loss (or sacrifice) of the anode material gives rise to the alternative name of sacrificial anode
Magnesium Anode
Aluminium Anode
Zinc Anode
Magnesium Ribbon Anode
Magnesium Ribbon Anode
Pre-packaged Magnesium Anode
Mg/Al Extruded Rod
Boiler / Water Heater Rod
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