Metal columns with or without graphite packing


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Metal columns with or without graphite packing 

Mersen metallic columns are manufactured in different materials, ranging from carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys up to titanium, according to the constraints of the customer's process.

Titanium column

Carbon steel column

Metallic columns can be used for stripping, absorption, washing and are suitable for various applications in chemical, mining, cokery gas treatment and gas separation.

Industrial tool:

  • 20 000 m2 of shopfloor dedicated to carbon steel exclusively
  • Rolling: maximum 120 mm
  • Cranes: 240 tonnes.
  • In-house NTD: X ray, PT, UT, MT, PMI, helium leak test
  • Design capacity: 40 persons in design office

Mersen has a large experience obtained by providing reactors, crystallisers, columns, heat exchangers and piping in titanium grade 2.

Customer benefits:

  • Design according to international standards
  • Material according to ASTM, EN, AS, GB standards
  • Large production capacity
  • Project management according to international requirements (fluent speaking of English)
  • Proven quality system
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Local service

In addition, Mersen offers a wide range of graphite packing equipment and columns internals.


Distillation and absorption columns in Graphilor®, Mersen fine grain isostatic graphite

Zirconium column for acetic acid production or specialty chemicals production

Tantalum column: perfect HCl stripping at high pressure

Columns internal and graphite random packing

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