We manufacture and supplies a comprehensive range of cold rolled and cold drawn precision tube in standard, as well as non-standard sizes.

Definition of the precision tube
It is the tube which has special request about tolerance, roughness, straightness, concentricity on OD&ID, or special request on press, hardness.
Use of the precision tube
A. Solar, liquid crystal, semi-conductor and electric industry plant, the tube used as the gas carrier, such as H2, O2, N2, He, CH4, etc...For those tubes, it should be cold rolled and bright annealed, both of OD and ID are bright and clean, the roughness is ≤0.6 μm. If it is used in semi-conduct industry, the ID should be electronic polished, the roughness value is ≤0.15 μm, at the same time, oil content and particle count have the strict request. The tolerance on OD is ±0.05 mm, Thickness is ±0.05 mm.
B. Bio-medical plant. The tube used as the liquid carrier, it should be cold rolled and bright annealed, both of OD and ID are bright and clean, there isn’t roughness value request.
C. Gauge and instrument tube, it should be cold rolled and bright annealed or Pickled Annealed with OD polished, it has a request about the tolerance on OD and ID as well as the mechanical property.
D. Cylinder tube. Those tubes have special tolerance request on OD and ID as well as straightness, concentricity , the normal tolerance request is OD±0.05 mm, ID+0/-0.08 mm, most of those tubes are thin wall tubes. Those tubes needn’t do the last annealing process.

E. Car tube, most car oil carrier tube is carbon tube, but some mill will used stainless tube instead, those tubes have special request on mechanical property, it is pickled annealed, surface is smooth and clean. The size I sold to US used as car part is 25.4*1.24 mm and 15.88*1.65 mm.

F. Water jet cutting machine. Those tubes have the thicker wall as it should bear the high press when it work, the size we are supplying is 6.35 mm OD*2.11mm THK and 9.53 mm OD *3.11 mm THK.

G. The Machine part, some tubes have thinner or thicker thickness than normal size. At the same time there is a request on the fixed length, it is chamfered with angle and length request.
New market

Many automobile parts have highly strict tolerance which normal tubes can’t meet such requirement so our customers have to machine the customized parts from stainless steel rod. Some of our customers need to reduce labor cost, material cost and working time so they order our tubes instead of stainless steel rods.
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